Our story

ShaaSHaa was born in a period of time when we were breastfeeding our newborn babies. Nursing was so fulfilling and gave us the closest connection with our babies.

We were confident we nursed them the best food, so they could grow and get stronger.

Nursing covers became a “must have” product for us. We could feed our babies wherever we chose without concern that we were naked. The opposite was true – we were all covered and had full privacy. It allowed us to socialize and continue normal life.

We felt that all moms should feel confidant while nursing their babies and be able to do it everywhere they chose. That is why we created SHaaSHaa nursing cover.

 While designing SHaaSHaa nursing cover, we thought about the important features that would achieve this goal. Our nursing cover is very wide and has high quality material, so you can absolutely be sure it will be comfortable for you and your baby. To read more about the nursing cover features, click here

We hope our product will satisfy your needs, and you will have a good experience.