7 most important breastfeeding tips every mom should know

January 27, 2017

  1. Aim for skin-to-skin contact right after birth. Early skin-to-skin contact, ideally done within 30-60 minutes after birth, has been known to have positive correlation with breastfeeding success.
  2. Ensure that your baby latches correctly - check for proper latch: head slightly tilted back, line infant nose across from nipple, wait for open mouth and latch quickly and deeply
  3. Newborn Hunger Cues- It’s important to not wait until your baby is crying to feed them. It will be difficult to latch a mad and impatient baby, start nursing him as early as possible  

                  A few cues to look for:

      • Rooting- turning head & opening mouth
      • Moving head from side to side.
      • hand to mouth
      • Smacking/licking lips/ sucking sounds
      • sucking on anything nearby
      • Getting into nursing position
    1. IS your baby getting enough milk? 2 basics ways to check
    • Weight gain: The average breastfed newborn gains 6 ounces/week (170 grams/week).
    • Dirty/ wet  diapers: by day four, baby needs to be producing about six very wet diapers a day and 3-4 poopy diapers. Many breastfeed babies will stop producing so many poopy diapers around six weeks (and may go days without one) (kellymom)
    1.  If you need to pump in the early days, use a good hospital-grade breast pump to help you establishing your milk. Double pump 10-15 minutes after feeding will speed up your effort in building up your supply.
    2. Newborns nurse frequently and it’s important to not limit the time your baby spends at the breast. Most newborns need to nurse at least 8 – 12 times per day. The general suggestion is to nurse baby on demand
    3. Most important- Go out and have some air, nurse in public with no fear.  BE FREE TO BE yourself. Breastfeeding is every mother’s and baby’s right. Don't be shy, don't hesitate, it's your right and privilege to nurse your baby; you are the only one to decide about it. If it makes you more relax you can use SHaaSHaa nursing cover or any other cover.

    Remember that nursing is not just about food – it’s also warmth, closeness, reassurance, comfort, healing and love